The word “thalassotherapy” derives from the Greek words "thalassa" and "therapy" and means healing with sea water and its elements.

Supervised Thalassotherapy Program
The supervised thalassotherapy programme takes place in two outdoor and two indoor pools with different temperature and content in salt. The aim is to evaluate the beneficial action of sea water and its elements. The combination of this programme with special water jets enhances tissue oxygenation, improves blood circulation and soothes pains while enhancing, at the same time, the lymphatic system and toxin excretion from the body. Moreover, the water in the pool which is high in salt content, similar to the water of the Dead Sea, shall give you the chance to experience total buoyancy and relaxation.

Thalassobath Niagara
Niagara Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy with hydro-massage in warm sea water, sea weed and essential oils that enhance blood circulation, help the body with toxin excretion, absorb the body and soul’s stress, while soothing pain on muscles and joints. For perfect results, it is combined with a massage.
Thalassobath Jamaica with Underwater Jet Massage
Jamaica thalasso massage on body tissues. This treatment is ideal for weight loss and anti-cellulite effect. For perfect results, a supplementary slimming treatment is also provided.
Affusion Sea Shower
Light rain shower with sea water
Affusion sea shower offers a unique feeling of peace and well-being while relaxing the muscles.
Tonic hydro-massage in sea water Jacuzzi
Stimulates the micro-circulatory system and helps the body with toxin excretion. Moreover, it is an experience that you can share with your partner or friend.
Sea Shower Jet
Jet with sea water
Stimulating jet with sea water that is directed by a therapist with special movements in particular areas of your body. It improves the circulatory system, absorbs stress from your body and fights cellulite. For perfect results it is combined with further slimming treatment.