Поле гольфа Элеонон

The olive grove is the first golf course in Northern Greece and hosts top level international championships.

The course was initially designed by Geoffrey S. Cornish and William G. Robinson and renovated in 2003 by Roy Mc Ray. The olive grove course is often characterized as ”romantic” and is widely recognized by all golfers who have played on this course even once.
The course was designed in such a manner that players from all levels may find it fascinating. The strategic water obstructers and the bunkers provide tension in every stroke, while at the different start points; a player may enjoy a different view each time. The players can see Mounts Itamos and Meliton, Porto Carras vineyards in the middle, Villa Galini, the sea, the sea side village of Neos Marmaras and of course the natural landscape of unparalleled beauty of Porto Carras.

These regulations apply for all players, caddies as well as people escorting them.