Marina Shopping Center

The main pier that connects the marina with the centre of the Tourist Village is enhanced with a number of shops. Apart from the unique walk next to the boats, you can enjoy shopping with a panoramic view. Jewellery, faux-bijoux, folk art products, cloths, shoes, mini market, beach equipment, toys are only some of the items that you can find in the marina arcade.
Here you can rent a car by authorized agencies and enjoy the art exhibitions featuring Greek and foreign artists.


Relax with a meal or drink in one of the restaurants/ bars of the Marina, watching the boats and enjoying the sunset.
Marina Combine the fresh, well-cooked fish and the fish-meze with one of the fine wines of Domaine Porto Carras.
Astro Italian trattoria with appetizers, pizza, pasta and risotto, special main dishes, salads and refreshing cocktails overlooking the picturesque marina.
Tsipouraki Greek restaurant with fresh fish, greek seafood Tapas which you can combine with ouzo or with one of our fine wines or tsipouro of Domaine Porto Carras, viewing the marina.

Mooring Facilities

Your coordinates on the naval map are lat= 40o 04'08" N and long= 023o 47'05" E.

Open wide your nautical chart and start exploring the area.

Using Porto Carras as your base, discover just how many wonderful trips you can make no matter how far you choose to sail.

Port Facilites

The Tourist Port of Porto Carras Grand Resort has specially selected management personnel, supervising the following sections:

• Vessel Technical Support Section
• Vessel Mooring Section
• Security Section
• Cleaning Section
• Vessel Towing - Launching section
• Refueling section
• Divers section and Life Guard
• Safety boat