It all began in 1963, when Yiannis Carras, while sailing to Athos, found shelter in a nearby protected bay. After the storm, the sun shined upon an astonishing landscape. Turquoise waters, greenish hills and white sand composed the scenery where Yannis Carras envisioned the luxury resort that redefined hospitality.

The proper infrastructure took three years to be completed but then everything was settled for the construction of the masterpiece. The founder of Bauhaus, Walter Gropius started the design of the masterplans himself leaving his signature style on the soft, color neutral curves of Meliton Hotel, that along with Village Inn, Villa Galini and Sithonia, became an emblem of Halkidiki and a model for the development of future hotel complexes in the area.

Porto Carras became a lifestyle icon both for its unique design and its infamous guests. Over the years political figures, royalty and artists such as John Kennedy Junior, Francois Mitterrand and Salvador Dali found in Halkidiki a heaven on earth, spreading its reputation all over the world.

In 1999, the Technical Olympic Group acquired Porto Carras and its President, Konstantinos Stengos was determined to take the legendary resort even higher, creating spas and thalassotherapy centers and renovating Villa Gallini that is now a member of the Historic Hotels of Europe.

Today, as you walk among Porto Carras Grand Resort’s five star hotels, casino, thalassotherapy centers, golf course, marina and vineyard, you can sense the powerful vibe of nature’s beauty mixed with Porto Carras’ rich legacy that still continues to grow.