At the center of British and Irish influencers is Halkidiki – Αccomodation provided by Porto Carras Grand Resort

British and Irish influencers were found in Halkidiki to get to know the beautiful region for the first time and promote it to the British market.


For 3 days, Halkidiki was the focus of 38 British and Irish influencers and shapers of public opinion with hundreds of dedicated followers on Social Media.

The Halkidiki Tourist Organization, as part of the synergies it has developed, organized the conference with the Thessaloniki Tourist Organization and the EOT office of England & Ireland: “Traverse Elite Mini Conference Greece” from 6 to 11 October 2022. This important conference, designed in the last quarter, aimed to promote Halkidiki through the eyes of the participants with the most modern media in the English and Irish market.
The 38 guests, most of whom had not visited Halkidiki before, were delighted with the diversity of activities and experiences that visitors to Halkidiki can experience. Their program started with a visit to the Kazaki organic vineyard in Nea Gonia and continued with a series of different activities such as cooking & cocktail lessons, golf lessons, pilates on the beach and traditional dances at the hotel complex of Porto Carras Grand Resort, where they were hosted for 2 days. The next day was filled with cultural tours, visits to traditional settlements, honey tastings as well as nature and sea activities in order to highlight the “many” faces of Halkidiki enriching the “sun and sea” model. Their 3 day tour ended in the best way. An excellent closing “but Halkidiki” party was given in their honor at the Athena Pallas hotel which was unforgettable.        

The 38 influencers with a total number of followers that exceed 3 million on Instagram, YouTube, blog & TikTok is a targeted action that dynamically promotes Halkidiki, strengthening its tourist identity in England, its 2nd most important market.

The Tourist Organization of Halkidiki would like to warmly thank all the partners who participated in this important project: the Porto Carras hotel complex for hosting the participants, the Dolphins of Greece company that took over the transportation, the Acrotel hotel group, the Kazaki Viticulture House, the Athos Sea Cruises company, the Akroyali restaurant and Georgakas honey.




The President of the Halkidiki Tourist Organization and the Halkidiki Hotel Association, Mr. Grigoris Tassios, stated: “We are very happy to have successfully organized such an important project, which was held for the first time in Northern Greece. In Halkidiki, we strongly believe in synergies, which contribute to the extroversion of our destination, and I believe that together with the city of Thessaloniki we can achieve a lot, starting with the extension of the tourist season. We are sure that we will succeed. The launch of Jet2 direct flights from Great Britain to Macedonia Airport – earlier than ever – on 1 April 2023 emphatically confirms this. I want to thank everyone who contributed to the realization of this event, especially Ms. Eleni Skarveli, the Director of the EOT England & Ireland office for the perfect cooperation”.
On behalf of Porto Carras Grand Resort, we would like to thank the President of the Halkidiki Tourist Organization and the Halkidiki Hotel Association, Mr. G. Tassios, Ms. T. Akritidou, Marketing Manager of the Organization, for the perfect cooperation, and to congratulate Ms. E. Skarveli, Director of the EOT England & Ireland Office for the development of this action. The historic resort of Porto Carras will always be an active helper and supporter of similar initiatives aimed at highlighting the tourist destination of Halkidiki and strengthening the digital presence in the social media of the Sithonia area.