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The History
In 1963 a cruise to Mount Athos begins, celebrating the one thousand year anniversary since the creation of the monastic community of Athos. Well known Athenians were on board and the ship-owner Giannis Carras was among them. They cruise offshore Sithonia, enter the Toroneos Gulf and … the fairytale begins when Giannis Carras falls in love with the virgin site. For centuries, the land of Halkidiki has been verdant with vineyards and olive groves. Its wines, famous throughout ancient times, bearing names such as Toroni, Acanthus and Olympus, also referred to in many texts of past ages, were the forerunners of the present-day wines from the Slopes of Mt. Meliton region, now recognized as wines with Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O) “Meliton Slopes” and Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I) “Sithonia”.

The vineyard won the international 2015 Wine Tourism Awards for its excellent services, while the Domaine Porto Carras wines have been honored with over 150 awards. Hopping on the wine tasting resort train, Porto Carras’ guests have the opportunity to get to know more than 20 varieties of wine as well as its organic tsipouro, and taste local flavors while admiring the view of the mountain Slopes of Meliton and the deep blue waters of the Toroneos Gulf.


The Vineyards

Domaine Porto Carras is the largest organic vineyard in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe covering a total area of 475 hectares. The vineyards have been designed by university professors of Thessaloniki School of Agronomy and the Athens Vine & Wine Institute. Moreover, a systematic study on the suitability of foreign varieties was carried out. Today, the “Meliton Slopes” vineyards serve as a model of organic viniculture, adopting modern international trends while respecting the consumer and the environment.


The Winery

The Winery was built in 1970 along with the vineyards. To protect the beautiful landscape, its location was carefully chosen to be invisible to the passerby, both from the road and the sea. Located at the center of the Domaine, it serves the direct processing and fast delivery of the grapes, aiming at maintaining the high quality of the raw material. Modern presses, stainless steel tanks and a chemical analysis laboratory support all production processes with the latest technological methods.


The Viti culture

Since the early 1960s, Domaine Porto Carras has been showing its innovative character and contributing to the development of viti culture and winemaking in Greece. A brilliant example of this is the revival of the well-known yet varied Malagouzia, which had disappeared from the viniculture for hundreds of years. Limnio, the oldest red variety in the world, was first planted, cultivated, and bott led in the Domaine Porto Carras. The oenological result is exceptional. The Limnio variety has great aging potential and is a cultural heritage, continuously receiving international awards and distinctions.


The Oenology

Professor Emile Pernaud of the University of Bordeaux, father of modern winemaking, established the historical path of the fi rst “Greek” PDO wine, combining the foreign varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc with the oldest Greek variety Limnio. The legendary Chateau Porto Carras with a great record has continued winning awards, prizes, and medals.

The production process is taking place with knowledge and care by the experienced oenologists in the modern facilities of the winery. Domaine Porto Carras uses the latest equipment, pneumatic press, special tanks for pre-fermentation extraction, double-wall stainless steel fermentation tanks, automatic fermentati on temperature control.

In the winery cellar, authentic French oak barrels, renewed each year, ensure the perfect maturation of the great red wines, especially Chateau Porto Carras, Syrah and Magnus Baccata.

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Domaine Porto Carras passionately and responsibly produces the following organic products from the fertile and blessed land of Halkidiki:

– Wine
Extremely varied and unicellular wines, with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) “Meliton Slopes” and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Sithonia and Chalkidiki, all of organic farming. The wide collection of the Domaine labels including white, rosé, red, dry, semi-dry, desserts and sparkling wines are sure to delight every palate.

– Olive oil
Extra virgin organic olive oil, cold pressed, from organic olives of the varieties of Halkidiki, Chondroelia, Adramytiani, Kalamon and Megaritiki, cultivated at the altitude of 200 meters and reaching sea level. The sixty thousand olive tree roots give the Domain olive oil « Kelyfos », a bright color, balanced flavor and intense aromatic character.

– Olives
Green, large Halkidiki olives, organically cultivated at the Sithonia peninsula, an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids. The green olive fruit provides the human organism with fiber and metal, while at the same time it is a rich source of vitamin E and antioxidants.

– Distillations
Excellent Tsipouro, with or without anise, from the Aristotle’s land and the tradition of Mount Athos, from where the distillation of the grape skins started in the 14th century and the first recorded Tsipouro production was made. The Tsipouro ” Antama ”, from the aromatic varieties Moschato and Malagousia, is an ideal accompaniment to Greek “mezedes” and seafood.

– Chocolates
Handmade, premium chocolates of exceptional cacao quality made from pure ingredients and real wine by Domaine Porto Carras in three delicious flavors: Malagouzia, Chateau Porto Carras and Syrah. The chocolates of the Domaine are available in selected cellars and shops all over Greece.

– Grape and Wine Cosmetics
Following the era and the market’s needs for innovative products, Yliana Stengou has designed an innovative line of natural care cosmetics that use grapes as the key ingredient. Treatment, hydration and cleansing products for the face and body, make up the “Zoé Grape Collection” of the Domaine. The purpose of creating this collection was to offer women the antioxidant and beneficial properties of Vine and Wine. “Zoé Grape Collection” cosmetics promote a harmonious and holistic lifestyle based on the uniqueness and majesty of Greek nature. The products of the Domaine are available in the Greek market as well as in more than 20 countries, such as the United States, Canada, China, Australia and Germany.

Wine Tourism and the Vision

Wine Tourism and the Vision

Giannis Carras vision had been to establish the wine roads of Greece on the map of international wine tourism destinations.

Today, aiming to share our passion for wine with wine lovers from all over the world, we have developed a unique Wine Tourism Project.

Porto Carras Grand Resort, featuring the Domaine Porto Carras, within a magnificent natural environment, provides the ultimate and most complete Wine Tourism experience in Greece.

The wine producer of Domaine Porto Carras, created a unique Winetourism Project. The Domaine Porto Carras, in collaboration with the magnificent Porto Carras Grand Resort, provides the ultimate and most complete Wine Tourism experience in Greece. A walk in the vineyards, a picnic in the woods overlooking the Toroneos Gulf, a visit to the Winery, a guided tour of the wine cellars, tasting of aging wines from the barrels, privé wine tasting at the almost unseen, private Villa Kalyva Mare, accompanied by gourmet cuisine from distinguished chefs and a beneficial Wine Spa treatments with the products of the “Zoé Grape Collection”, are some of the services that can be enjoyed through the wine-touring packages offered by the Domaine Porto Carras. Villa Galini, the majestic Chateau of the Domaine, is in perfect harmony with the natural environment of Sithonia. The house of the late Giannis Carras, which was visited by great personalities of the time, such as Salvador Dali and Gina Bachauer , is now a museum and an integral part of the wine tours. The pine forest, the olive trees, the vineyards and the breathtaking view of the sea from the Meliton Slopes make the wine-touring adventure a life experience.